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Hello and welcome!

We are excited to share this valuable information with Embright members and their families. This welcome page will detail how the Embright program works along with valuable links.

How the Embright program works for you

To receive network benefits, generally you and your family need to use only providers in the Embright network. If you receive medical services from providers who are not in the Embright network, and the services are not for urgent care or emergency care, those services may be covered at the non-network level. Its important to verify your plan details to ensure you avoid surprise bills. 

Quick links

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Care across the continuum

Embright is a clinically integrated network that coordinates care across independent health systems aligned under a common goal. All members have access to a wide variety of doctors across the age and care continuum from preventive care to highly specialized care. Embright is committed to the health of all members. Primary care is the cornerstone of coordinated, effective healthcare because it provides the platform for members and their medical teams to catch conditions early and get healthy. Having a known, trusted team managing your healthcare is paramount to reaching your health goals.

Member/family-centered care

Embright is centered around you, the member. The doctors, clinics, and hospitals included in the Embright network are aligned under a common goal – providing you with quality, evidence-based care based on proven outcomes. The providers across the network work together to improve your experience and ensure you get the best care.

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Map of Washington State with scattered location pins representing Embright's network

Comprehensive network

Embright offers a range of medical services across the age and care continuum – from primary care to outpatient services and advanced specialty care for pediatrics and adults. With doctors, clinics, and hospitals across the Puget Sound, members have access to thousands of doctors/specialists, hundreds of primary care and urgent care clinics, and over 20 hospitals.