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Virtual Care

Need flexibility in when, how, and where you get care? Embright offers multiple virtual care options to meet your needs. 

Virtual care options with Embright

To make sure that you receive the best care that is coordinated with your primary care doctor, we recommend you seek virtual care with the hospital/clinic you already have an existing, established relationship. Not established with a primary care doctor yet? No worries! Click here to find a doctor.

Each virtual care option listed below will have varying hours of operation and fees. We encourage you to check with your doctor to make sure telehealth is appropriate for your unique health situation and needs. 

Get primary and specialty care for you and your family from anywhere in Washington. All care is provided by UW Medicine providers.

Book a same-day or next-day appointment to meet with an Indigo Virtual Care clinician. For adults and children in Washington and Idaho.

Valley Medical Center offers virtual visits for patients (including children) in Washington.

You can get a diagnosis and treatment plan for your child from Mary Bridge Children’s Virtual Urgent Care without leaving the comfort of home.

Skip the waiting room with online scheduling availability, you can select a time convenient for you for your  visit up to 24 hours in advance.

What is virtual care?

Graphic showing different types of virtual care options

Virtual care is a general term to describe how doctors can interact with you remotely (not in person) – including video, audio, and electronic messaging.  

It's important to know when virtual care is an appropriate option for your medical question or concern. 

Virtual care is not appropriate when: 

  • You are experiencing a serious, sudden, and/or unexpected health issue
  • You know you will need a "hands-on" exam 
  • You do not have access to the necessary equipment for virtual care such as reliable internet access or connectivity, and a device to communicate 

Get care where and when you want it

The Embright network offers virtual care options for your urgent and routine healthcare needs.

Common health conditions suitable for virtual care

A checklist of common health conditions suitable for virtual care: cold, flu, and minor respiratory symptoms, UTIs, yeast infections, sinus pain and allergies, sprains, strains, and minor injuries

Routine health visits suitable for virtual care

A checklist of routine health visits suitable for virtual care: routine office follow-up visits, chronic condition care for high blood pressure or diabetes, some routine pregnancy care, mental health concerns (depression, anxiety), and adjusting medication dosages