Frequently Asked Questions

A clinically integrated network is a group of like-minded physicians, clinicians, and provider organizations who share a commitment to work together—to improve the quality and coordination of care; raise clinical outcomes through system-wide improvements; enhance the individual member experience and reduce unnecessary costs. All of which results in better value for our members.

Your health insurance plan benefits and Embright network is unique to your employer. Find your specific information with your HR department or contact Embright.

Your health insurance is responsible for paying for your health care, such as paying for your yearly wellness check-up with your doctor. They are also responsible for answering questions related to billing, claims, or coverage. Embright works with your health insurance and your employer to offer you a network of hospitals, clinics, and providers that have committed to providing you with top-tier, coordinated care across the entire age continuum.

You can find a doctor, specialist, clinic, or hospital using our provider search and facility search tool. 

If you are a Boeing, PEBB, or SEBB member, please go to your website and use the embedded provider and facility search tools.